31 Days of Weddings-Day 1: Black and White

Hello all! We thought it would be fun to share with all of you, some different wedding themes this month. For the entire month of December, every day we will have a new post with a new wedding theme. Maybe these posts will help some of you think outside the box with your wedding theme-or refresh your memory on some classic ones 🙂

To start, here is the first: Black and White

Now, some may think of this theme as tired and over-done. I look at Black and White weddings as classic. It is such a good base as you can add any pop of color to it, it’s got a simple elegance to it already, it’s traditional colors for a wedding (white dress, black tux), and you can go many different ways with it (modern, classic, traditional, add color for a more glamorous or even gothic feel, make it festive for a halloween wedding) and so much more. 

I am going to go more traditional and classic black and white with my post today-very elegant and yet simple.

You can get so many designs for black and white invitations-I love ones with a print on them for a “pop” Take these for example:Image


Simple, yet fancy in how they are presented to your guests. Love them!

Ceremony decor can be tricky to get just black and white depending on your venue. I found this photo and fell in love with the glamorous style of it.Image

I’m sure a little over the top for some-but for me, is amazing!

Even wedding dresses now have black added to them for that pop of contrast, and they don’t have to look “gothic” or trashy. Here is one that is so simple and elegant and the black does not take away from how lovely the dress is-but adds to it.Image

Reception decor is much simpler to create your mono-chromatic black and white look. Take these ideas as cues:ImageImage

And now to my personal favorite: Cake! So many options to choose when doing black and white, and I obviously can’t put them all on here (I wish!) So I have narrowed it down to two. I picked one a bit more modern, and the other more on the traditional side. Which one would you pick?ImageImage

So next time you think of black and white, I hope you don’t assume it’s tired and over-done. Look at it the way it’s meant to be portrayed: It’s a Classic!!!

Happy Holidays!


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