31 Days of Weddings-Day 2: Old Hollywood Theme

Today I will share probably my most favorite of them all: Old Hollywood! Sometimes I just wish I were born in a different decade-one where my day to day life was over the top glamorous and exquisite. Like almost all wedding themes, you can go a million different directions with your take on the details, but I am choosing to go ultra glam with my Old Hollywood post.

To get your guests ready for what is in store, your invitations need to showcase your take on Old Hollywood: be it glam or more “theme-y”.  Going more towards glam, you would want to pick a simple-yet sophisticated invitation style and accent if of course with some bling 🙂Image

Or you could choose to really go towards Hollywood and do a movie-type inviteImage

Either one will get your guests excited about your wedding theme and what the night will have to offer.

Your ceremony should be “wow”-red carpet as your runner, or at least red accents along the aisle. This image showcases how to do the red carpet-Old Hollywood look seamlessly without being overdone or too much like a theme gone wrongImage

In sticking with the theme, pick a wedding gown that is more form-fitted. Think “actresses on the red carpet” kind of a look as opposed to the typical ball gown bridal dress.

hollywood wedding 3

hollywood wedding 4


Likewise, your bridesmaid dresses should follow suit with something along these lines:hollywood wedding 10

For your reception-ostrich feathers seem to go flawlessly with the Old Hollywood theme. You can use these in many options for centerpieces, but this one was one of my favoriteshollywood wedding 2

For your cake, keep it classy and simple or go all out glam

hollywood wedding 8

hollywood wedding 7

hollywood wedding 9See, weddings don’t have to be the same as all the rest, or boring by any means-glitz it up and have fun with it!!!



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