Children’s Book themed Baby Shower

Baby showers are one of the funnest events to plan and decorate for. You can go so many ways with them: classy, modern, simple, cutsie, and my favorite: themed!

I have noticed lately, many are choosing to incorporate books into the party gifts by asking guests to bring a book for the baby’s library instead of a card. Cute idea!

This got me thinking: Why not make an entire book-themed baby shower! Looked on the internet for inspiration and stumbled across some awesome and ADORABLE ideas!


See, baby showers can be different than the typical pastel colored decor and baby food eating, candy bar diaper picking, word scramble kind of party 🙂 Have some fun, and just remember to keep everything in the theme!


Halloween Parties

I personally love Halloween-getting to dress up, decorate, have themed parties, creepy looking food, love it all-minus the getting scared by others part 🙂

Throwing Halloween parties can be so much fun! It’s a great theme and you can do so much with it. From the invitations, to the decor, food, costumes, music, everything, you get a chance to really go all out and make it all a cohesively themed event!

Starting with invitations, you can choose between so many options: simple and basic with touches of Halloween, or go all out with a spooky saying or riddles that will get guests in the mood for what the party will be like. This is a fun one thats spooky in a fun way and lets people know they are going to have a great time!


When choosing decorations for your halloween party, again, there are many options, but the two basics that always stand out to me is over the top spooky, or just simple and use the colors and a few inspirations to get the point across. Here are some of my favorites


Food! My favorite part 🙂 I love it when the food is super creepy-almost to the point that you don’t want to touch or eat it! This is where you can really let your creativity out!!




See, can’t Halloween be fun!


Let them eat cake!

A contemporary white wedding cake decorated wi...

Who doesn’t love cake? When planning the cake portion of any event, usually we are all clueless as to what  size of cake we need to accommodate our guest list. We normally just walk into our local cake baker’s facility and say this is what I want it to look like and this is my guest list and they are the ones that bring on the reality of what we really need.

Sometimes, it’s just nice to feel smart 😉 So, before you go to your meeting with your cake baker, take a look at these diagrams that help make picking out a cake idiot proof so that you too, can feel like you know what you’re talking about before you even have your consultation.