31 Days of Weddings-Day 22: Christmas wedding

Most people really enjoy Christmas. There is something about the feeling Christmas gives everyone-that warm, happy, content feeling, and the decor really plays on that. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Use colors such as the reds, greens, blues, and golds to give that warm Christmas feeling, as well as elements of the holidays-berries, pine cones, garland. lights, and the soft glow of candles to give your guests the atmosphere of the holidays. Merry Christmas!!


31 Days of Weddings-Day 21: Valentines Day Theme

Some find Valentines Day cheesy or un-necessary as a “holiday”, but it could have special meaning to couples. Some start their relationship on this day, or get engaged on this date, so some couples choose to either get married on Valentines Day or just have a wedding using that theme. In this theme, reds, pinks, and whites are used to create the atmosphere, as do hearts and candy. See some of these images as inspiration of how to make this theme classy enough for a wedding.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

31 Days of Weddings-Day 20: Mardi Gras Themed

This theme is very unique in that you can take it over the top, or keep it simple, and both ways are going to read to your guests as Mardi Gras. 

With making it a true over the top Mardi Gras themed party, use ornate decorations: all the bright colors (purples, greens, golds), heavy draping in those colors, large ornate centerpieces with masks, table cloths and chair covers that stick to those color schemes, etc. Be bold, and it will definitely scream Mardi Gras! ImageImageImageImageImage

Or, you can keep it more sophisticated and classy by using the colors as inspiration. PIck one to be your main color (for table linens let’s say) and use another for uplighting around the space. Having each color represent an area in the room instead of mixing all of them together in every element, will take this theme to the “wedding” level. Keep masks simple and white but still ornate in the design, and use bright florals to depict the colors for you. Very classy.ImageImageImageImage

31 Days of Weddings-Day 17: Caribbean/Hawaiian Theme

Caribbean and tropical themes are great for providing guests with culture and bring pops of color. Being in the midwest, they are most common for destination weddings that want to bring the ceremony experience back to friends and family who could not attend. Tropical weddings consist of bright colors, exotic floral choices, calm and easy decor, and lots of festive music and complete enjoyment!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Makes me want to go to hawaii right now. Aloha!

31 Days of Weddings-Day 14: Phantom of the Opera Themed

There are many that love a Phantom of the Opera Themed wedding-mostly actors/actresses or anyone for a love of drama or just the play itself.  The colors are rich and dark-but can be spun very classic and romantic. The love story of the play shines through the dramatic elements of your decor to give your guests an overwhelming atmosphere of romance. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Get dramatic and romantic with this theme!