31 Days of Weddings-Day 26: Vineyard Weddings

Vineyard weddings are perfect for anyone for a love of wine. While it is more convenient to have an actual winery nearby, you don’t need to have one in order to capture the essence of one. Use barrels, grapes, and purples/greens to represent grapes in your decor, keep the lights dim with romantic candlelight, and keep table linens simple.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


31 Days of Weddings-Day 25: Eco-friendly wedding

Eco-friendly weddings are becoming increasingly poplar. These couples tend to lean towards  recyclable papers for invitations and thank you cards, natural elements in their decor, guest favors that consist of plants or seeds, and anything else that decreases the effect on our planet. These weddings can be just as beautiful and chic as any other theme. ImageImageImageImageImageImage

31 Days of Weddings-Day 23: Spring Wedding

Spring weddings bring gorgeous and bright flowers into every element, from the bouquets, to the reception centerpieces. Popular spring flowers to use are: roses, tulips, daffodils, peonies, and gerber daises, but you can incorporate any other brightly colored floral into the mix, or add touches of classic wedding flowers such as calla lilies to add some white. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

31 Days of Weddings-Day 22: Christmas wedding

Most people really enjoy Christmas. There is something about the feeling Christmas gives everyone-that warm, happy, content feeling, and the decor really plays on that. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Use colors such as the reds, greens, blues, and golds to give that warm Christmas feeling, as well as elements of the holidays-berries, pine cones, garland. lights, and the soft glow of candles to give your guests the atmosphere of the holidays. Merry Christmas!!

31 Days of Weddings-Day 11: Winter Wonderland

Winter wonderland themes can be absolutely breathtaking-especially with the use of light blue lighting to give the space that icy blue feeling. Winter weddings can consist of many items: pine cones, fake snow, branches, ornaments, bells, christmas items, and many more. My personal favorite is taking natural elements-branches, pine cones, fake snow, and mixing it with glass, crystal, and lighting (both colored and candlelight) to create a real icy atmosphere. Check these ideas out!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

You can always add a hot beverage bar either in replace of an alcoholic bar-or as an additional option for your guests 🙂 Happy Holidays!

31 Days of Weddings-Day 5: All White, Chic Modern Wedding

All white weddings are not boring-they are chic, sophisticated, and GORGEOUS if done correctly. This isn’t shabby-chic people, its Modern-Chic!

Take these examples of ceremony space:ImageImageImage

Breathtakingly beautiful!

Or these reception designs:ImageImageImage

Even wedding dresses can have a chic, modern twist



These have to be my favorite bouquets of all time!ImageImage

And of course-we can’t ever forget the cake!!ImageImageImage

Sometimes you just wish you could have another wedding….oh well..at least I can share and hope one of you will be inspired 🙂

31 Days of Weddings-Day 3: Garden Party Theme

This theme is one of my favorite “simpler” themes. It comes across a little “cutesy” as opposed to being overly sophisticated, but still fun and quaint. 

I would start by sending out invitations that have floral, or greenery on them-even butterflies help give off that garden atmosphere.ImageImage

Your ceremony site can be many options, but remember to stick with a more simple look-white chairs, simple aisle, and simple altar whether you want to lean a bit more rustic, or keep it traditional.ImageImage

This theme allows for many options for dresses. The only thing I would stay away from especially if you are having it outdoors, is a super traditional ball gown (especially satin) or any dress with a long train. Satin comes across too fancy and you will look out of place, and a really long cathedral train will just end up with grass stains all over it-not the look you want. Try something like thisImageImage

Your reception decor should stay simple-like the ceremony. Think light colors, lots of floral (more garden wildflower kind as opposed to the traditional calla lilies and roses. I think these tables and centerpieces are gorgeousImageImageImage

The cake should keep with the simple and minimalistic theme of garden party but add some garden accents: floral, butterflies, birds, etc. Keep it cute, but still bridal.ImageImage

Enjoy your simple yet pretty garden themed wedding!!