31 Days of Weddings-Day 25: Eco-friendly wedding

Eco-friendly weddings are becoming increasingly poplar. These couples tend to lean towards  recyclable papers for invitations and thank you cards, natural elements in their decor, guest favors that consist of plants or seeds, and anything else that decreases the effect on our planet. These weddings can be just as beautiful and chic as any other theme. ImageImageImageImageImageImage


31 Days of Weddings-Day 22: Christmas wedding

Most people really enjoy Christmas. There is something about the feeling Christmas gives everyone-that warm, happy, content feeling, and the decor really plays on that. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Use colors such as the reds, greens, blues, and golds to give that warm Christmas feeling, as well as elements of the holidays-berries, pine cones, garland. lights, and the soft glow of candles to give your guests the atmosphere of the holidays. Merry Christmas!!

31 Days of Weddings-Day 14: Phantom of the Opera Themed

There are many that love a Phantom of the Opera Themed wedding-mostly actors/actresses or anyone for a love of drama or just the play itself.  The colors are rich and dark-but can be spun very classic and romantic. The love story of the play shines through the dramatic elements of your decor to give your guests an overwhelming atmosphere of romance. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Get dramatic and romantic with this theme!

31 Days of Weddings-Day 8: Bollywood Theme

Traditional indian weddings are absolutely beautiful: bright colors, elaborate fabrics, bright gold accents, and a comfy atmosphere with rugs, and couches/chairs instead of traditional folding chairs. 

The attire is bright fabric, in a wrap-very traditional.Image

When decorating, use this as inspirationImageImage

And check out these cakes!